HUD requires that each Section 8 unit be inspected and meet Housing Quality Standards before tenant occupancy and annually thereafter.  OHDI inspectors are trained and certified in HQS, and ensure that both landlords and tenants are protected by conducting a thorough inspection of the Section 8 property.  We also conduct Quality Control and Special (Complaint) Inspections.  In addition, we are happy to provide optional features that can be added for additional fees.   Some of those optional features are:


RECORDING AMENITIES using either the list contained in the 52580 inspection form or other amenities form used by the Housing Authority.

RECORDING INSPECTIONS on customer-owned inspection systems.  If your accounting software includes an inspection protocol, we are happy to use it to record our inspections. Otherwise, we will complete the inspection on paper forms 52580 or 52580-A, whichever is most convenient for you.

INTERVIEWING THE TENANT and completing the questionnaire contained in the 52580 inspection form.


SUMMARIZING THE INSPECTION results on the back page of the 52580 inspection form.  We will summarize the “Pass” or “Pass With Comment” items to make it easier to complete landlord/tenant notification letters.


NOTIFICATION OF TENANTS AND LANDLORDS.  We will provide written letter notification to the landlord and tenant for all annual inspections and re-inspections.


DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHS.  If desired, we will take digital photos of the property that can be downloaded into your computer system to provide an image of the property at the time of the inspection.

SCHEDULING of inspections that best benefits the PHA.  We will work with you to develop a schedule that is mutually beneficial AND ensures that all annual inspections meet the HUD requirement to be inspected within 365 days of the last annual inspection.  We do have a minimum charge of 10 inspections per scheduled day.


The HQS Inspection includes performance and acceptability criteria for these key aspects of housing quality:

(A) Sanitary facilities;

(B) Food preparation and refuse disposal;

(C) Space and security;

(D) Thermal environment;

(E) Illumination and electricity;

(F) Structure and materials;

(G) Interior air quality;

(H) Water supply;

(I)  Lead-based paint;

(J)  Access;

(K) Site and neighborhood;

(L) Sanitary condition; and

(M) Smoke detectors.

Click Here for 52580 Inspection Form OR Click Here for On-line Completable 52580 Form

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