Staff resumes


 Tony Fuller:  Mr. Fuller is the Inspection Team Chief, and has been with OHDI for 16 years -- since retiring from the United States Army in August 1995.  Since being trained and becoming certified in Housing Quality Standards (HQS) through Nan McKay and Associates in September 1996, Mr. Fuller has conducted thousands of conventional and Section 8 housing inspections throughout the Southeast.  He received his HUD Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) Certification for the Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) inspection program in June 2000, also through Nan McKay and Associates.  As the Inspection Team Chief, Mr. Fuller is responsible for quality control, reviewing all inspections and preparing the inspection reports.  He is certified and accredited by the State of Alabama as a Lead Inspector and Risk Assessor and has regularly completed lead-based paint clearance examinations for 11 years.  In addition, Mr. Fuller serves as Secretary to the OHDI Board of Directors and is responsible for the daily operations of the company, including contracting, scheduling and coordination with customers for the completion of inspections and/or training seminars.

 Byron Foster:  Mr. Foster is a Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) inspector.  He began his career as the Section 8 Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspector for the Bessemer, AL Housing Authority.  Having received his certification through Nan McKay and Associates in 1996, Mr. Foster was promoted to Section 8 Coordinator for the Bessemer HA, while also continuing to function as the Section 8 inspector.  He joined the OHDI team in September 2000, as well as completing REAC training.  In addition, Mr. Foster received his UPCS certification through MTB Group, Inc.  Since then, he has conducted thousands of HQS and UPCS inspections.

 Lyndon Baker:  Mr. Baker has been employed as a Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) inspector with OHDI since 1998.  He also has extensive experience as a building contractor.  Mr. Baker completed his Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspector training through the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) in January 1998.  He later trained and received certification as a UPCS inspector in September 2000 through the The MTB Group, Inc.

 Dick Warren:  Employed by OHDI in January 2001, Mr. Warren received his Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspector training and certification through Nan McKay and Associates.  He was a public servant, working as a Lieutenant with the Bellview, Nebraska Police Department, before retiring in 1990.  Mr. Warren has completed thousands of HQS inspections during his tenure on the OHDI team.

 Ross Clemons:  Mr. Clemons is a retired HUD Senior Construction Analyst.  In June 2000, he trained and became certified in Housing Quality Standards (HQS) through Nan McKay and Associates.  Mr. Clemons joined the OHDI staff in October 2001.

 Delphia Macon:  Retiring from the United States Air Force in July 2003, Ms. Macon received her Housing Quality Standards (HQS) training and certification through the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) that same month.

 Gene Marsh:  Mr. Marsh received his training and certification in Housing Quality Standards (HQS) through Nan McKay and Associates in December 2006.  He retired as an AMOCO Instrument/Electronics Technician in 2004.

 Jan Murray:  First joining OHDI in June 2010, Mrs. Murray has a comprehensive history in communications and technology.  She is a former print and broadcast journalist, holding the positions of reporter, business editor, interim news editor, photographer, and videographer. Mrs. Murray also is the recipient of several Associated Press News Awards and community recognition awards.  She wrote and published a history and instructional manual on the "Adopt-A-Family" program which was first piloted after the devastating 1990 Elba, AL flood.  The book was published through Auburn University, the Department of Human Resources, and the state Emergency Management Agency.  After that, Mrs. Murray spent 14 year as a state financial social worker, aiding families with food, financial, education and housing assistance.  As a private school teacher, she also worked in the public relations/marketing areas for her schools.  Mrs. Murray earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communications/Broadcast Journalism from Troy University.   

Margaret Barclift:   First joining OHDI in October 2001, Ms. Barclift has retired from the Ozark Housing Authority as a Tenant Account Manager.  She served the OHA for 15 years.  Ms. Barclift set the office up in 2001 and continues as the company secretary.  In addition, she serves as the treasurer on the OHDI Board of Directors.

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