Since 1998, HUD has required PHAs to inspect each unit annually in accordance with UPCS.  OHDI currently has six trained and certified UPCS Inspectors.  While our inspections are done in accordance with UPCS, we are extra-critical.   We use the philosophy “If a REAC inspector MIGHT write it up, we WILL write it up”. That gives you the opportunity to repair it before the REAC inspection. 

Some of the features that make our UPCS services unique in the industry are:

TRAINING of property management and maintenance staff.  We will provide, at no additional charge, up to 4 hours of classroom training for as many of the PHA staff as you need, as well as "on-the-fly" training during the inspection.


NO ESCORT required.  If necessary, due to lack of personnel, or if you just need the manpower elsewhere, we are happy to proceed without an escort.  Simply provide us with keys to the units.  We will leave a door hanger or business card at the unit, making the resident aware of our visit.


SCHEDULING of inspections that best benefits the PHA. Our only requirement is that we need to inspect at least 25 units per scheduled day.  Inspections can be divided up around the calendar as desired.  The advantage is that it spreads the repairs out over time, and avoids flooding your maintenance staff with work orders.  Of course, we can also inspect them all during the same time period if you desire.

RECORDING inspections on customer-owned inspection systems.  If your accounting software includes an inspection protocol, we are happy to use it to record our inspections.  Otherwise, we will use our data collection devices loaded with the latest version of the HUD-issued UPCS software.  

EMAIL NOTIFICATION when your agency is identified by REAC to be scheduled for inspection.  We monitor the REAC website daily.  As soon as REAC schedules you in the Reverse Auction program, we will send you an email with the details.

REAC CONSULTANT advice.  We will review your last annual inspection and your last REAC inspection and advise you on strategies to improve or maintain the score.  We will also have the latest changes/updates to the REAC protocol so we can better help you prepare for your inspection.

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